Sports and fitness: Sports and fitness is a special arena where Elite provides its expertise. Be it fitness studios, sports events, sports clubs we create and power apps that manage the membership, the enrollment, accounts and regular communication of events. There are customized solutions that are unique to that particular business and ensure that there is immense value added through our products and services.

Education: School and college management software are dime a dozen in the industry. But what makes Elite unique is that we offer solutions that are simplistic and ensure faster, quicker and easier management that cut costs and ensure efficiency. The education software that we customized include entire management that encompasses right from main accounts, student/staff attendance, salaries, driver management, tracking classes, canteen management, vendor and supplies management and more.

Religious and Non profit: Elite has to its portfolio an impressive first time apps that help members of any religious group to stay in touch, get updates on a sermons and member to member interaction and more. The launch of Chruch Nexus is a unique leap in the church management.

Government: Elite has, as its core team, people who have dealt with huge projects in the government. The departments that its core members have worked include the Health, Sanitation, Tourism, Women and Child Care, Horticulture and Forest Departments. The government runs massive programmes that get easily managed by the software generated by Elite for smoother and efficient functioning.

Healthcare:Elite has matured products for Hospital management and Pharmacies. Right from retail accounting and inventory management the software reduces time and increases efficiency.

Startups: Start-ups generally have limited budgets and rely heavily on software to ensure smooth functioning of their business. Customizing for each business depending on its scale and size, Elite charts out a growth plan that ensure success for any type of start-up