What probelm did Ikkos have?

Elite Crest were asked to develop a software that would allow ahtletes to allow them to monitor and measure their preformance whilst training and even during recovery.

The software needed to firstly be compatible with the wearable technology Ikkos had developed. Secondly, the platform needed to be a focus on esuring the finished product was user friendly and simple to use.

How Elite Crest helped create a solution.

We developed a downloadable software to effectively capture and present the data, to allow athletes to easily monitor their physical workouts and performances. The smart garment technology, along with Ikkos’ newly created app gave the athletes real-time feedback and allowed them to track their efforts better than ever before.

It was extremely fulfilling to be able to work on a project that helped improve so many lives. If you have a project where you feel data analytics could help your business, feel free to get in touch.