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Skills required –

  • Android (4+ years)
  • Deep understanding webview, and different application development models
  • Swift integration with backend API’s and through understanding
  • Backend development is a big + (2+ years). RestFul API etc.
  • UI/UX design experience is a big +
  • GitHub/Git experience
  • Ability to learn and adapt to cutting edge mobile technologies
  • iOS experience a big +
  • In-depth understanding of OOPs concepts.
  • Proficient with Java APIs
  • Knowledge on Design patterns.

Responsibilities –

  • Work passionately, independently and in a results oriented work place. Timesheet is out of question.
  • Write and maintain applications.
  • Participate in designing the UI/UX with clients, and provide suggestions.
  • Be accountable for code quality and writing tests (unit and integration).
  • Be expected to help lead architectural discussions and decisions.
  • Help and advise in the selection of the most appropriate frameworks to use with the application.
  • Perform code reviews and participate in suggesting and supporting best coding practices.
  • Balanced, smart and positive attitude towards company goals, clients and technologies
  • Out of the box idea head with excellent communication skills.
  • Should be able to articulate idea’s to POC’s, integrate and test.
  • ‘Why not try this’ attitude is awesomely expected.

Job Type:Full Time



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