Elite Crest believes our first responsibility is to those client’s using our products and services.

When engaging with new IoT clients, we spend the time needed to gain clear understand their vision, goals & objectives. We build a strategic road map for each project assuring highest quality of delivery, in their time frame, and in their budget.

In order to adopt IoT in a business model, companies need a clear strategic design to manage all the sensors, hubs, gateway, big data, analytics, and reporting. By mapping out the business strategy in the early stages, customers can avoid wasting time and gain the most value from their investment.

Our IoT solutions use enterprise systems and we build end-to-end configurations that incorporate all the components so all touch points are enabled so businesses capture their data the right way.

We help our clients build:

  • Product design
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Reporting
  • On-going service and support