How AI Is Changing The World?

Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary invention that is affecting practically all aspects of human life and development. As more years pass, we constantly see new adaptations of AI in our homes, offices, factories and cars. AI is well on its way to becoming something as ubiquitous as humans themselves. Although occasionally met with resistance due to the science fiction mentality of robots taking over the world, anyone who looks critically, can see that artificial intelligence will do more good than harm, and will offer us the key to solving the world’s greatest problems.

What is artificial intelligence?

The term artificial intelligence has grown to be an all-encompassing umbrella term due to the myriad of its practicalities and applications. Coining a singular definition won’t do this term justice, but for the sake of understanding, a broad scope description of AI will refer to the ability of machines or man-made objects to carry out highly coordinated activities that either mimic or augment human behaviour. This could cover something as primitive as an automated online assistant (how far we have come to consider this “primitive”!), to something more sophisticated like Siri, self-driving cars, surgery robots and bionic limbs.

It would seem that we have become so accustomed to some of these inventions that we dismiss the science behind it, seeing it as something mundane. When people hear of AI, they think it’s a phenomenon so far from reach. But AI Machine Learning applications can be seen around us everyday and more advanced technology gets produced constantly. Here are some examples of how AI based technologies are causing massive global change:


Artificial intelligence has such a huge impact in medicine, that countless lives have been saved and new discoveries on human anatomy and genetics are being made. AI is set to have a major influence on oncology, with the emergence of tumour detectors that can locate cancerous cells from patient slide samples. Another impact can also be seen in gene therapy, where AI algorithms can help detect gene variations in each individual so that treatment can be personalized in a custom-made fashion. AI scanners are also able to detect patterns in body scans such bone age from an X-ray.


There is an increasing number of AI-based security solutions that will prevent sensitive data on a national level from being breached by hackers. These AI solutions are almost always effective because the artificial intelligence gives back what you input or teach. This is definitely a huge breakthrough for companies, agencies and countries alike as cyber threats would be detected early enough to handle.

Hazardous jobs

Tech experts are working on wiring AI Robots  to perform dangerous like bomb defusing, jobs that involve intense heat, toxic materials and even extremely loud noises. This will obviously help save numerous lives.

Social media

The influence of AI technology can be seen in search engine optimization. Companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have a number of AI frameworks designed to boost their customers’ experience. A notable mention is the AI-based visual search engine feature on platforms like Pinterest.


Automated farming machines that plant crops uniformly are being used in the farming industry. These machines help farmers keep up with the rising demand of food. Processes like tilling, irrigation, planting and fertilising are also being done by machines with high precision and accuracy.


Many companies are taking big leaps when it comes to the production of robots that can communicate and interact with humans. One honorary mention is Japan’s Pepper, a companion robot that has the ability to read human emotions, as well as develop or “feel” emotions of its own. Some robots have also been developed to play games like ping pong, for people who need a gaming partner. Other robots have been designed to aid the elderly and the blind in performing quotidian tasks.

Banking and finance

Banks use AI systems to run financial transactions and trade. Like cyber breaches, AI algorithms can detect fluctuations in bank charges. These robotics are also used in online trading, stock investments, property management and bookkeeping. Gone are the days where a teller would have to tediously perform these tasks while customers impatiently wait in line.

Other fields where the influence of AI technology can be found include:

  • Business
  • The military
  • Bionics or Cyborg Technology
  • Video games
  • Mobile and internet technology (The Internet of Things or IoT)
  • Transportation

As mentioned earlier, AI can be found on so many applications, all in a bid to make our world a better place. A recent technological development is the application of AI to sports such as basketball, javelin and swimming. Our brand for example, offers innovative swimming equipment that will augment your experience in the water.

Our AI based Mimic swim paddle is a sophisticated technology that is custom-made just for you. Kinefusion seeks to give swimmers the precision and balance they need to glide through the water effortlessly.

Apart from having a well-defined silhouette with nodes and grooves which help your strokes, the paddle is also connected to the KineFusion mobile application via augmented reality (AR). With this technology, swimmers can create workout videos, save their workout videos to the app and access swimming videos from experts. In addition, swimmers can get a digital performance analysis with the camera attached to the paddle. All this will make for a better natatory experience.

In conclusion, thinking that artificial intelligence will reduce the labour force is counterproductive. Rather, artificial intelligence should be seen as a way of augmenting the human experience. Having assistance from these machines will give us the chance to perform other activities we are deprived of. AI is taking a giant leap and it will definitely impact our future in ways we can only imagine. This is because computational techniques keep being polished and reinvented. The time is coming when AI machines will be completely interwoven into our daily lives, making things easier, more efficient and life-changing. Artificial intelligence is booming. It will always affect how we do things, how we perceive and interact with our world.


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